Beauty’s Double Standard

CoupleBeauty, beauty, beauty! Women are constantly held up to an unbelievable standard of beauty. Society expects and almost demands that women try to achieve unattainable goals. Our weight, our fashion, our hair, our makeup, does it ever end?

But, here’s the rub……… men are just fine no matter what. Society does not pressure men to be anything but themselves. Sure, some men hold themselves up to a certain standard. Though in general and in most corners of the world this is not the case.

It is true that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but why are women held to a different standard? Why must we try to follow an unwritten set of rules?

A man with scruffy hair, beard, or clothing isn’t picked on and isn’t looked down on. A belly on a man isn’t criticized, isn’t made fun of, and isn’t told by others that he needs to lose weight.

So, why do we do this to each other, to women? Our societal views are so skewed. We try to hold a belief that all woman are unique and beautiful. Yet, we keep finding ways to make every woman feel that she is flawed.

Man PamperingMaybe we should reverse this double standard. We should put more focus on men trying to be handsome. Make them as accountable for their looks, weight, and fashion as they do women. Have more men feel the spotlight and how uncomfortable it is to be held to today’s beauty standards.

Embolden yourself! Tell that man he’s fat, giggle and make rude comments towards him. Tell a man he should get new clothes and maybe a shave. Make a man feel as objectified as we women feel.

Then, maybe, one man and one day at a time we could cut the double standards of our world.


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  1. Whilst women are certainly put under pressure to look and act a certain way by society, men are also expected to conform, though not to the same extent.

    We shouldn’t be trying to make men feel bad or encourage that behaviour, we should be challenging societies pressure on women! Two wrongs do not make a right and this opinion seems very uneducated.

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