Dazzle the Crowd with the Perfect Party Makeup Look

You don’t have to be a makeup aficionado to capture that dazzling party makeup look! People with the smallest makeup palettes will achieve the look they’re seeking as long as they narrow down their ideal aesthetic.

If you adore romantic colours, enchant your palette with dark shades. Dark purple and navy blue eyeshadow palettes will cloak your aura in mystery and decadence. Bring yourself out of the shadows and dazzle with your beauty. Navy eyeshadow with golden sparkles or gold shimmer imbues a galaxy- inspired combination.

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We caught up with one of the best Russian makeup artists, Olga Blik. She is young and talented and beautiful, what more can one ask for? She is also a beautiful person and just fun to work with.

We share a detailed tutorial with you, so that you can effortlessly get that party-perfect makeup look.

O5Prepare your face for the night: cleanse, hydrate it well and use a dash of powder, foundation and concealer. Olga used Lancome Teint Miracle #040 foundation and Nars radiant creamy concealer. And, of course, she used Lili Burton premium makeup brushes that are designed to help you achieve the look you aspire for.

Use a primer (Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion)  and apply some powder on top, thus the eyeshadow will blend in a lot better. On this look, Olga used Lorac Pro palette and MAC Surf the Ocean Crushed Metallic Pigment Surf Baby Collection.

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Apply some Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer 46 lipstick and you are ready to get the party started!


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