Five Traits Of An English Rose

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Keira Knightley

An English rose is a classic symbol of womanhood: beautiful, feminine, and distinctive. While every rose is different and gorgeous in her own right, the English rose has its own set of special qualities that make her so individualistic and always true to her own natural beauty.
1. An English rose is confident. Confidence is a renowned quality for anyone, but this is especially true for women. It’s easy to buckle under in today’s rough-and-tumble society, but the woman who has the courage and confidence to stand up to the harsh winds that oppose her is truly great.
2. An English rose is distinctive. Roses are perhaps the most distinctive of all flower varieties. They are easily recognisable – this makes them distinctive. English roses have an individual style that allows them to stand out from the crowd and showcase their best qualities.
3. An English rose is feminine. The definitive symbol for femininity, a rose is everything wonderful about a woman. Delicate petals yet strong and subtle make an English rose the perfect symbol for pure femininity.
4. An English rose is beautiful. Everything about an English rose is beautiful, from the curve of her petals to her gorgeous colour. Beauty is a trait every woman has, but the English rose stands out above all.
5. Ginger womanAn English rose is anything and everything she wants to be. More than just a set of traits and a cookie cutter definition of what a woman should be, a true English rose is who she wants to be, caring little of what others think of her definition of her. She is confident, distinctive, feminine, and beautiful – all qualities of her own true self, and this is what truly sets an English rose above every other flower in the garden.

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