Help Each Other Be Beautiful

smiling girlfriends sitting on yacht deckSo many of us “regular” women don’t believe we are beautiful. There are so many reasons for this belief. A big part of feeling beautiful is something we all internally struggle with, our self-esteem. Self-esteem is a hard thing to build in a girl. We all start out with parents that usually tell us we are smart, beautiful, and special. Then we enter school and the dynamic changes.

Women get picked on for so many things, it makes us feel insecure. Many have learned to hold their heads up and act like it doesn’t bother them. They do that for self-preservation. The fact is: IT HURTS! How many come home from a rough day and cry because you’ve been bullied, don’t think you’re good enough, or believe that you are ugly?

As women, we have a choice. Either we can be mean and hurtful, or we can be supportive and helpful. Somehow, it feels as if women are always in competition with each other. The sad part is this starts before we even know ourselves. It starts in school. Our self-esteem built up by our family and friends is torn down by other girls. We need to stop doing this to each other.

As women we should teach and mentor all young women on how to support each other. Quit tearing down someone else and work on building up someone’s self-esteem. We need to see that every woman is beautiful no matter what. All of us have a place and worth in this world, it needs to shine.

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