I am beautiful!

We come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Women are inundated with what others consider to be beautiful every day. It’s in magazines, on billboards, and adverts, making it hard to avoid and can easily ruin any woman’s view of their own beauty.Black woman

What the world needs to know, see, and learn is that every woman is beautiful. So much of what we see is women that are thin and highly maintained. When what most women are is normal.Plus size model

How many of us have left the house without makeup, high heels, and contacts? Guess what – You Are Still Beautiful!

The idea of beauty being only what is on the outside should be such an outdated view. We need to teach young girls that you may have warts, be overweight, or short, but you are still beautiful.

Yes, a splash of lipstick, maybe your nails being manicured, or that one dress makes us look beautiful to an onlooker. But, it really is what we are inside that makes us truly beautiful. This is what we need to teach. This is what we need to show young girls.

Happy womanSo, take a moment, don’t look in a mirror and for once find your inner beauty. Know that what you feel in your heart is what is beautiful. Your brain filled with knowledge is beautiful. The way you love your family and care for others is beautiful. These are true beauty and what the world should see.

Now, do your beauty routine. Do your hair up, put on that perfect eyeshadow and lipstick and go out into the world, knowing just how beautiful you are.

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