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Properly applied make up is a confidence booster. Looking good, actually looking great is a choice that successful women make every day. But from the days when the alarm clock doesn’t work in the morning, to the extra hours spent late working on a project in the office, working women know there isn’t always time in the day to have a bold, dramatic eye makeup look – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look fabulous! All you need to do is try a few simple tricks to switch the focus of your makeup to save time and still look fabulous.

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We teamed up with absolutely gorgeous makeup artist Olga Blik, who knows what it takes to be successful. She shares her tips with you in an easy to follow step by step guide, using Guerlain Petrouchka Palette Eye & Blush Palette, Guerlain Rouge Parade 820 Rouge G and Lili Burton makeup brushes.

Petroushka LipstickIMG_5630

For those days when you’re in a rush, it’s still good to keep a few basics in mind. Start with an impeccably clean face. Moisturise and apply a foundation that lets your glow shine through. Follow with the base coat of your normal routine, including primer, foundation and powder.

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If you have time, make your eyes look amazing! Easily accomplished with good colour choices and the correct application brushes.

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Now here is where the time-saving beauty secret comes in: if you can’t afford spending your precious minutes meticulously blending eye shadow and perfecting winged eyeliner, make your lips bold and luscious with bright and vivid colours.

Classic red is the signature look for any confident woman, destined for success!

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