The Magnetic Style of a Sophisticated Woman

Every woman carries her own distinct style. When we perceive sophistication, however, sleek images come to mind. Giving off the vibrancy of true sophistication comes in many creations that illustrate a woman’s sense of individuality. No, you don’t have to be Coco Chanel’s twin to achieve an aura of sophistication. But, there comes a time when our wardrobes don’t suit us anymore. We feel uninspired and tired of the same patterns and lipsticks that we loved last year!

Sophistication is about embracing change and growing out of styles that we loved before. Naturally, enhancing our look occurs when we learn about different cultures and more labels that suit our tastes.


Sophisticated womanYou don’t have to be rich to achieve a stylish wardrobe! In fact, plenty of styles come from a minimalistic approach. For example, everyone knows that having basic cotton t-shirts and a few blazers can make multiple looks. Primary and earth tone coloured pants, t-shirts, dresses, and blazers create colour block inspired outfits or bold business casual looks. In reality, it’s a good thing to maintain a positive “less is more” outlook when it comes to your wardrobe.

LK BennettSo, if you don’t know how to wear that abstract-print Balmain knit dress, you don’t have to feel unamazing. Simple colours are just as abstract when you add statement jewellery or match bright coloured shoes and a clutch Beautiful Marsha Campbell shows how to get that chic look in the latest L.K. Bennett Edit.

LK Bennett2Simple pumps go with any outfit! Of course, flats might be more appropriate if you’re not into heels.


Women tend to dread makeup. Drawing on eyeliner for the first time is a daunting experience, but with practice you begin to understand how much is too much on your eyelid. A simple makeup palette consisting of toner, a flashy red lipstick (as we saw on Monique Lhuillier NYFW A/W 2015)Monique, and natural lipstick shades can be wondrous for your budget. These basic colors add versatility and volume to your palette without stressing out over how to match flashy colors. Of course, healthy glowing skin is the most important aspect of any makeup look.

The sophisticated woman has posture and poise because she knows that even when a person feels bad about themselves, radiating confidence signifies the strength to move on. Contact us for beauty tips and ways to develop an exquisite sense of sophistication.

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